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Jess Humphrey is an artist living in Ridgewood, New York. Before shifting her focus solely to art in 2018, she had two careers in the creative field.  As a teenage girl, she photographed the 90s east coast punk scene and is currently working on a book of that body of work.  She then went on to pursue a 20-year career working in fashion leading some of the world's most iconic brands, including her own collection Victory Press. 

The intentional side of her work explores color and form; inspiration stems from the Surrealists such as Magritte and Max Ernst, Color Masters Ellsworth Kelly and Josef Albers, Bauhaus’ Moholy-Nagy and the Post-Modern Glasswork of Ettore Sottsass. On a subconscious level, she explores ideas and issues around being a woman.  Recurring themes appear that a lot of women and girls experience, such as conflicting feelings of wanting to be seen and wanting to be invisible, or masking strength in exchange for love and acceptance, whimsical critiques of modernism, taking masculine icons and making them feminine, exploration of gender rolls, and limited or untapped potential.  She has been mostly working with collage as her medium but has most recently been exploring techniques in glass.

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